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                                                                 ISO Quality Management Standard
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Since November 2000 Nautical High School Zadar has become the first school in Croatia to implement ISO Quality Management System.  The system is continuously subjected to the assessments   of internal and external audits of the two classification societies Bureu Veritas and Croatian Register of Shipping. The aim of implementing the system is to improve and upgrade both the quality and the standard of the school.     


                                                                                          Quality policy
The mission of the Nautical High school Zadar is to train and educate students for the acquisition of knowledge and skills in seamanship.


Our vision is our quality policy.
Nautical High school Zadar implemented the system of management quality based on the international ISO 9001: 20008 standard with the aim of monitoring of education of seafarers in the world and applying of the STCW convention and Croatian regulations based on the convention. The aim of implementing the system is to raise the quality and standard of education and training.  Therefore, we determine the quality policy as following: 
Nautical High School Zadar will permanently raise the quality of education and    training, based on the curriculum, with the aim of acquiring general and professional competences.  
It will create conditions for better motivation of students and teachers   by improving and developing mutual communication on every level, with aim of acquiring curriculum contents more successfully
It will develop awareness among students of ethnic affiliation, preservation of cultural heritage, values of civilization, human rights, respecting difference and developing tolerance.
Organising adequately its activities, the school will provide more space for direct work with students.
It will monitor the adoption of new technologies in marine affairs, equip the school with appropriate didactic equipment for the realization of the curriculum and conduct permanent professional, educational, psychological and IT training of its teachers.
The school will improve cooperation with other schools in the field of maritime education, both on national and international level.
It will develop partnership with social partners from the maritime affairs following their requirements and actual needs.
The management of the school’s resources will be conducted in accordance with the results of permanent measurements, self-evaluation and external evaluation of the accomplishments, as well as with the entries of the service users. 
The school will encourage permanent recognition of the maritime professions, which will result in increased interest of students for our school.
Nautical High School Zadar will maintain the LEADING position in the  field of education of high school students for maritime professions and it will continue  being………….

                         …..simply the first…….

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