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School Sport Club 'Idro'



According to the  instructions of  the Ministry of Education and Sport, the Sports School Club "Idro" of the Maritime High School Zadar was founded on the 7th March, 1996  and thus became  the first high school student club in the Zadar County. The club has its own articles of association and the annual program of activities. 

The first members of the Executive Committee of the club were:

Professor Franko Marnika-the president

Professor Zarko Jaksic- secretary 

Professor Loris Vidakovic- treasurer

Dragan Gacina- town representative

Srecko Skoblar -representative of the founder members 

Professor Marija Filipi-representetaive of the parents  

Ante Durut-student representative


Club members are the  students of the Maritime High School Zadar and their professors who want,with their knowledge and engagement, to  help students. The club was founded with the aim of engaging students outside of the teaching process.  With such engagement the students of the  Maritime High  School  Zadar spend  their leisure by acquiring sport skills.

Since the founding, in the club operate  handball, football, basketball, sailing section and sections of  martial arts. A female volleyball section has also been recently founded. The school gym has 4 rooms and two separate dressing rooms with showers and toilets. For teachers, club members, we have established a recreational section. A section is also a member of the "Sport for All" Croatian Association of recreation. Training sessions for all sections are held every day ,in the afternoon, under the guidance  of our teachers of Physical Education.

Since 1997 the Club organizes memorial football tournament ’ Professor Ivo Hekman’  in the  memory of our late professors. Since the foundation, all sections operate continuously and have achieved remarkable results. Sailing section, led by professor Franko Marnika  ,the skipper,  has participated in all major regattas held in Zadar County. Students with their skipper have achieved the following accomplishments:

1. Christmas sailing regatta Zadar -Biograd - Zadar in  1996-  won the 1st place, V group, Elan 31.

2. Tanker Regatta in 1997-  1st  place for the 40-th anniversary of the founding of the school. 

3. Regatta "Joshua Slokum" in 1998- 2nd place in the V Group, Elan 31

4. Regatta  "Zlatna Luka " in 1999- 3rd place, Elan 31

5. Tanker Regatta in 2000- 1st place,  Elan 31

Recreational section, whose members are professors of the Maritime High School Zadar , has been active since September 1996. The section has 16 registered members, who are also members of the school team. Since 1997 the members of the recreational team participate at the ‘Croatian festival of recreational activities' held every year in Rovinj. In 1999, the team won the 2nd place on a basketball tournament in Rovinj. In 2000, at the European Festival of Sport Recreation, held in Porec the team won the 2nd place on the basketball tournament. The most active section is the school's handball team which is one the most successful teams among secondary schools in our region.

On March 30, 2009, the basketball team won the 1st  place ‘group south', by winning the team of the School of Economics in Zadar.


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